Stuck at home mum

Over the last couple of months my car has been in and out of the garage which has meant that I have been literally staying at home as I haven't been able to get out and about. At first I was itching to get out just because I knew I couldn't. Then after the first three weeks BB and I got into a new groove at home. Her naps were like clockwork, she was getting far more confident with food at mealtimes and we were very fortunate to have friends come over to us with their little ones so that we weren't totally alone all the time. However, all this time at home, apart from the walks up to the local shop, meant that BB got to know her toys very well and I could tell that she was starting to get a little bored of them. So a block set of different shapes and colours was ordered which she absolutely loves.

BB has always been pretty strong and I can see that she is itching to get moving but her crawling isn't quite there yet. So, in order to keep her entertained I have also purchased a box set of flashcards, which include the alphabet, shapes and colours, numbers, first words, phonics and sight words. Obviously BB is still very young so I am not sure how much is actually going in (and I am not using them on daily basis) but she does giggle at the pictures and at the sounds - particularly the words "button" and "ball". I also have a pack of French flashcards. Having grown up in France and Belgium I am keen to get BB to learn French so I am hoping that these will get her used to the words and the pronunciations. I already have some French children's books which I have been reading to BB from time to time, which are also helping me to keep my French going.

BB is now just over  7 1/2 months old and over the last month or so there haven't been many changes. Yes, she is growing well and is getting more confident in herself and her abilities but there aren't quite as many things to look out for compared to a few months ago. However, this all changed the other morning whilst BB was sitting up in her cot and I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. I was waving to her and she waved back. She actually waved back! It was like getting a fin wave from a humpback whale - I saw it in slow motion, but blinked and I would have missed it. I yelped to Mr B who came running and didn't quite believe me. So he started waving to her, she smiled, and waved back to him too. Suffice to say she hasn't done it since but we keep encouraging her.

BB's babbling is coming on too. She will happily bash her arm down to get our attention and start telling us, quite importantly that "bah bah bah bah bah bah bah" - not quite a dada but almost!

BB has her hat on, hip hip hip hooray!

Every week when the grandparents see BB, they tend to comment on how she has changed since the last time they saw her. I have not always noticed these slight changes, as it is not so easy to see them when you spend your whole time with your child. This week, however, I have noticed a few. And it is becoming clear that my baby is not so much of a baby anymore. At 7 months old she really knows her mind and what she wants (and what she does not want). She has definite character and has a few favourite things that really make her giggle. BB is more than just a baby now, she is a little person. And I have to say, I am loving this phase!

Solids seem to be a breeze for her and I am having to try to come up with new things to offer her and prepare proper little meals rather than just fingers foods, which she demolishes with gusto.

I am now making more of an effort to put BB in little outfits when we are out and about rather than just her "onesies", and apart from the struggle to put tights on (one leg escapes as I try to insert the other), the taking off of socks (sock-ons have now been purchased) and the pulling off of hats (need to come up with something here - elastic?), we are doing pretty well.

There is still no real sign of teeth, although BB does have some of teething symptoms which seem to come and go.

As the weather has become a fair bit warmer (not sure how long for though) we have been able to make proper use of the garden. Picnic rug out, BB clothed head to toe (hat has to be replaced on a regular basis) and surround BB with toys - only for her to be more taken with a passing bird or the gentle swaying of nearby trees and bushes.

I have been going through some of my summer maternity wear this week to lend to my sister-in-law who is due with her first baby next month. Talking with her, over an orange juice and a chocolate twist at a local coffee shop last week, reminded me of the worries all soon to be mums tend to have before the big arrival. It was nice to be able to reassure her in some aspects and to give advice as and when she asked for it. With BB bouncing on my lap it really brought it home just how much BB has grown and how much we have been through over the last few months. I remember advice from a friend that once you get to three months and then six months it does get easier but at the time I just couldn't see past the hectic haze I felt I was in. Now on the other side, those first few weeks sort of seem like a lifetime ago. So much so, that Mr B and I have started talking about whether or not to add to our brood - not that we are planning to for some time yet, but, the fact that we are able to even think about it, whereas a few months ago we could not even contemplate why we would put ourselves through the same situation again, feels as if we are moving forward and coping better, together.