Manners Matters

As BB has been soaking vocabulary like a sponge over the last few months we have been careful to implement the "Manners Matters" rule. I say "rule" it is really just me trying to make more of an effort in teaching her to say please when asking for something, thank you when something is given to her and sorry if something silly has happened. I don't really like to use the word naughty so early on as she is still too young to fully understand naughtiness (at 22 months she is mostly curious and adventurous and mishaps are bound to happen when you are like that!).

Obviously she still needs reminding to say these words but she is saying them and that is the important thing to me at this stage, to get her used to them and when to use them. I was inspired by my friend who has a little girl just over a year older than BB and she is possibly the most little behaved little girl I have come across. When I asked my friend how she managed it she said just sticking with it and repeating the words and the right times over and over. So, although I know our little BB is very strong minded and will eventually do what ever she wants, I want to give her the best teaching that I can give her. And manners really do matter to me, so if she can learn to say please, thank you and sorry it only be a good thing!