Mummy's Day Out

A few weeks ago I went to an old colleague's hen do. It seemed as good an excuse as any to get Mr BB to look after BB on his own for the afternoon (of course he took her to his parents for back up, so another attempt is being plotted for a longer time away!).

Anyway, back to the importance of this post: hen do/day off of being mum but I kept catching myself talking about being a mum - I was the only mum there (apart from the bride-to-be's sister-in-law who was at the time suffering from morning sickness). Yes, I had become that woman. The one who talks almost exclusively about her child. And I was totally aware that I was doing it, even though inside I was shouting at myself to shut up. Although to be fair, the other girls did keep asking me about BB so what's a girl to do?!

I was so excited about the day ahead that I arrived dead on time - the restaurant we were meeting at was shut, despite its sign saying it should have been open for an hour already. So I waited, in my best jeans (with no food smears or generic child's marks), smart jacket and heels. I was going to show those girls that I didn't live in jogging bottoms/leggings/old jumpers or the like, really (although I blatantly do!). Well, as the organisers of the day arrived (30 mins late - I was only counting so as to have something other than my shivering to concentrate on), it was clear that most of the girls were treating the day as a smart/casual event, emphasis on the casual - they were going to go all out for the evening part by all wearing dresses. I was clearly overdressed and looked like the mum-out-on-the-town. Oh well.

We had a lovely lunch with A LOT of prosecco whilst we all got to know each other, and before heading to the to the Clifton Wine Cellar for an afternoon of Champagne tasting (during which the hen had to wear a French outfit - garlic string included). Very glad to have had a proper meal before the tasting as those bubbles were gloriously giggles inducing devils! The tasting was brilliantly entertaining with the owner of the wine cellar who seemed a little nervous at the gaggle of girls ready to get going with the drinking. He coped really well and we all had a wonderful afternoon as he described the history of Champagne, how it is made and the differences between the good Champagnes and the better Champagnes.

Once we finished with the tasting, we found our mode of transport for the next part of the day, but not before the hen changing into her next outfit - a browny/grey velour tracksuit. Ready for the Hummer limo waiting for us in The Mall Clifton, right outside my old flat! Oh the shame! And yet, with the specially chosen tunes for the hen pumping, the nightclub lights on and more prosecco flowing, it was a hilarious ride to Bath! Once there, we headed for a craft shop where we would be making bunting. Now, bearing in mind the copious amounts of alcohol drunk so far, it may have been better for us to have started with this particular activity. However, the creativity did seem to flow pretty well, even if a few fingers were pricked along the way.

I left the group once we got back to Bristol, readying myself for dinner with the in-laws. Thankfully, this went fine, although Mr BB did keep saying that I was slurring my words a bit to which I proudly replied "I HAVE been drinking all day!" ha ha ha.  Spoken like a true mum let loose for the day!

tum, tum, tum, tum, tuuuuuuuum

Just over a month ago I started the 30 day shred. Unfortunately a week and half in I injured both my ankles after I had gone for a run, did one of the 30 day shred level 2 sessions and stupidly then did another exercise DVD (both exercise DVDs without trainers on!). Because of this I've had about a month off of any exercise as my ankles were simply too painful. Luckily, this coincided with my giving up chocolate for lent so I didn't actually put any weight on, but it certainly leveled out for that time. However, this weekend I managed to go out for two runs and a short session on the rowing machine, and was pleased that the old ankles seemed to cope well with them.

So, in yet another bid to try and get rid of the leftover "tum from being a mum", I am attempting the 30 day shred yet again. To be fair, when I started it last time, it was making a difference. Even in just a few days my stomach felt firmer and stronger.

Weight has been checked and measurements taken (I've never taken exercise this seriously before), so, here's hoping that with a bit more sensible eating (my downfall I'm afraid) and a refreshed attitude towards squeezing a workout into busy days of entertaining 19 month old daughter, working and extra studies, that the leftovers will be banished forever. Well, for a little while at least!!