2 year check

I've sort of been looking forward to BB's 2 year development check up in a couple of months as we haven't had much to do with the Health Visitor for a long long time. So I was a bit disappointed to receive a letter from them saying that this check up is no longer necessary unless we have any concerns with her development.

Personally, I think BB is doing amazingly well but I guess that's what most proud parents think. In their letter they've set out the things that 2 year olds should be doing, including having a vocabulary of around 50 words. At first we thought this number was rather large, so I decided to make a list of the words we know she uses already (BB still being 2 months off of being 2 years old), and the list is still growing at just under 100 words. Yep, we've got a talker on our hands!!