Bye Bye Bottle

During February, Mr BB was lucky enough to have a few days away skiing with work - a perk of the job which hasn't been available for a few years, obviously. Still, for days and weeks leading up to his "work trip" he went to great lengths to establish that it was a "work trip", and practically no fun would be had. None whatsoever, really, it's work, with work people and clients. Hmm, I nodded in agreement knowing full well that skiing is one of his favourite holidays and could see that despite himself, he was leaping for joy inside, which was really nice to see.

At first I thought it would be quite strange without him and I wondered how BB would cope without him. He tends to put her to bed and they have a little bedtime routine, and they had only had one night apart and that was a year ago when she was 6 months old. So this could be different. And tricky. So I braced myself. We spent the first night just the two of us, and luckily BB was fine. I had managed to tire her out enough in the day that she just wanted to go straight to sleep when bedtime came round. But in the morning, she kept looking for her daddy. Pitter-pattering from room to room, but no luck. This routine took place every morning until he was back and he got her up, to a lively cuddle and a "welcome home" jump on his belly back in our bed. Order was restored.

Whilst Mr BB was away, I took the opportunity to try and get BB off of the bottle. I've read that it is ideal to try and wean them off the bottle by 18 months but I know that many have struggled to do this. And despite my wanting this, flashbacks of the times we tried to get BB to actually take a bottle in the first place kept coming back to me! So, without any fuss I put BB's milk in a beaker (with a top on) and placed it in front of her on her high chair and walked back to get her cereal ready. As I turned back, to my amazement BB was guzzling away at the beaker, with no complaints. She had been used to drinking her water out of a smaller similar cup so I think this helped, but still, I was so relieved. And we haven't looked back since. Bye bye bottle, bye bye calling BB a baby.

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